Tom Payne is an international selling abstract artist based in the UK.

He has been a published artist for three years and has been very fortunate to built up a strong collector base during this short period of time.

His bold and dramatic work is catching the eye of collectors worldwide. Tom has had paintings commissioned and created in the Dubai desert using sand to create texture and has also had paintings for sale in Montmartre, Paris, famous for its rich artistic history.

Following the success of his first ever solo exhibition 'The Breakthrough Tour' in 2022 via Nova Fine Art, UK, Tom is continuing to develop his style in the studio and is always working on new and exciting colour palettes. 

Tom takes inspiration from the natural landscape and in particular, the sea, sky, desert and space. This includes the rural aspects around his home in Warwickshire, along with the coastal beauty of Dartmouth, Devon and the desert in Dubai when visiting family.

He uses texture to drum up atmosphere and drama in his pieces and focuses on bright contrasting colours, working to make them look like scenes from outer space or turbulent skyscapes and seascapes. Tom wants the viewer to connect with his paintings and enjoy what they see.